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•  Free Video Tools  •


VirtualDub is the best tool (I know) to edit AVI video files for free. You can also open MPEG-1 files to edit and save them as AVI file. If you want to cut unwanted parts of a video file, you have to place the markers (Menu bar - Edit) at the begin and end of the unwanted parts and press Ctrl+X. To create a new file from several clips, open the first clip, place the slider at the end and click File - Append AVI segment to append the next clip to the current one. If you want, you can also resize and edit colors, contrast and more.

Compatible with Windows 98 - 10.

Download 32-bit or 64-bit version: SourceForge

Naturally you can use VirtualDub also on your portable devices such as your USB-Sticks. If you want, do it with the help of e.g. PStart or get VirtualDub from PortableApps.

The VirtualDub Homepage and the Support Forum.

Other free video editing applications:

Avidemux - Video editor for Linux, Windows and MAC OS X. Screenshots

Other editors for Linux, Windows and MAC OS X: Lightworks and Shotcut.

OpenShot - Video and Audio Editor for Linux. Screenshots

PiTiVi - A non-linear video editor for Linux systems: Screenshot

ffDiaporama - Video Creator and Editor for Linux and Windows.

CinelerraCV - Another non-linear video editor for Linux.

AVI Trimmer - Editor for AVI and MKV for Windows

XMedia Recode - Converter and cutter for Windows. Screenshots

MPEG Streamclip - Editor and Converter for Mac and Windows.

Make your own Video DVD with Menus, using your video files:

DVDStyler for Linux, Mac and Windows (portable).

DVD Flick for Windows 2000 - 7.

Bombono for Linux and FreeBSD.


Unable to play various video files? Maybe you need only the right codec to play them! Which codec? VideoInspector will show you which codec you need and provides informations about filesize and lenght, framerate, resolution, completeness, and bitrate. Supported formats: AVI, Matroska, MPEG I, MPEG II and MOV for Quicktime. More than 30 Languages are integrated.

For Windows XP - 10. Screenshots

Download VideoInspector Lite Setup file or portable zipped version.

Anoter prog to get informations about your media: MediaInfo


Recommendable free video converting software:

HandBrake   WinFF   Transcoder   Transmageddon   TMPGEnc

Recommendable free Multi-media Players:

VideoLAN   SMPlayer   MPC-HC   GOM Player

Recommendable free codecs:

Free audio codecs, video codecs, codec packs and tools     XviD

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