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Useful Tools

Backup Tools

Tools which can assist you in making Backups in an easy and convenient way!


SyncBackFree allows you to start multiple profiles at the same time. Chose between Backup and Synchronize when you setup a new profile, select the desired source and destination and define advanced options, if needed. It's very handy if you have modern computers with a fast CPU and heaps of RAM. Simply mark the desired profiles and click on Run. If you've an old machine, it's better to run only one profile at the same time.

View some Screenshots to get an impression.

SyncBackFree is compatible with Windows XP - 10 (32/64-bit).

Downloads: Setup   Portable

Appropriate program for Windows XP - 10 (32/64-bit): PureSync

Free backup solutions for more platforms:

Zback - for Windows (portable) and Linux (Wine).

Grsync - for Linux, Mac, Windows and Solaris.

Synkron - for Windows (portable), Linux and Mac.

Backup your Firefox add-ons, search plug-ins and more with FEBE and OPIE.

Advanced users only!

DriveImage XML - Backup and restoring partitions.

BakandImgCD - Backup and disk imaging/cloning.

CloneZilla - Disk imaging/cloning.

File Managment

File managment under Windows can be a little circuitous if you have to work with a couple of folders, more than one hard drive and/or partitions plus flash drives. Therefore, I reviewed some free file managers which have some nice features like Tabs and two or more panes.


Q-Dir is a File Manager wich supports only one pane but also two, three, four panes (horizontal and vertical), Tabs and some more nice features.

For Windows 98 - 10 (32/64-bit).

Get an impression:

Download Setup, Portable or Unicode version.

Appropriate File Manager for Linux: SpaceFM (Gtk+2/3.


FreeCommander is a Twin Pane File Manager for Windows XP - 10. You can open multiple tabs on both panes and get previews of text and pdf files as well as images.

Available files: Setup, Archive and a Portable edition (.paf.exe) but you can extract the normal Zip Archive to your USB devices and naturally you can use the extracted program on your internal drives. If you can download software which is completely (not only the installer) available within an archive (e.g. zip, rar or 7z) it is already portable!

The FreeCommander Homepage with Support Forum.

Twin pane file managers for Linux:

GNOME Commander for GNOME.

Krusader for KDE, you can also use tabs in both panes.

PCManFM - Tabs plus Dual Pane and Fullsreen mode.

File managers with tabbed interface for Windows:

Explorer++ for Windows XP - 10 (PortableApps version).

Xenon File Manager Portable for Windows XP - 10.

Portable Software

Many programs on my pages are portable or available as a portable app. If you find one which is not, get Universal Extractor and make it portable. You can make a portable version out of (nearly) every program! Often you can also unpack the program file with an Archiver like PeaZip and 7-Zip which are available as portable apps, too. Visit my zip, rar and 7z related page to read more about Universal Extractor, PeaZip and 7-Zip.


Try PStart! It's really a good little program which is designed to run every portable program and also your documents from pen drives but you can also run it from your hard drive. Chose between local installation or installation to a removable device such as an USB flash disk. Languages: English and German.

For Windows 9x - 10, view some Screenshots.

Portable Start Menu is similar to PStart, operates on Windows 2000 - 10 and can close your running portable progs automatically when you close the Portable Start Menu application.

The PortableApps Suite (Windows 2000 - 10) contains Firefox, Thunderbird, ClamWin, Sumatra PDF Viewer, some progs more and you can easily integrate further.

Portable apps (AppImages) for Linux: Probono (Github Repository).

Portable apps for Mac OS X: FreeSMUG

Some tips in the middle:

If you're searching for a REAL Startmenu for Windows 8 or want a good alternative for the Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Startmenu, you should test Classic Shell!

Clipboard Manager for Win: PinClipBoard and Comfort Clipboard.

Skype Alternatives: Viber, Pidgin, ooVoo and Tango.

CD and DVD Cover printing

DVD Slim Free - Print covers for CD/DVD and Xbox, Wii, Playstation and more formats. Many languages are integrated and the program runs under Windows XP - 10 (also portable).

Here are two Windows 10 Screenshots.

DVD Slim Free - Download Portable or Setup.

UnderCoverXP: An easy to use piece of software for printing CD audio and DVD covers and labels. Supported image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP. It can scale (automatically) and print CD (front, back, inside, inlay), DVD boxes, digital pictures, labels for CD and DVD and the multi-language interface supports more than 20 languages.

UnderCoverXP - Setup and Portable for Windows 2000 - 10.

Here are two Screenshots to get a picture.

UnderCover10 - Metro like App, also portable for Windows XP - 10.

Here are two UnderCover10 Screenshots.

CdCoverCreator - Create own Covers under Windows 2000 - 7.

Clone File Remover

These programs will find all the duplicates on your drives.

SearchMyFiles for Windows 2000 - 10.

Get SearchMyFiles zip archive (portable, 32/64-bit).

CloneSpy runs on Windows 2000 - 10.

Grab CloneSpy, setup includes option to unpack for portable use!


GSplit for Windows 95 - 10 let you split and join files easily and fast. Advanced users and experts can decide e.g. how big each piece should be, how many splits should be created, how much space should be left on Floppies and you can create self-extracting executables.

First, have a look at some Screenshots.

You can download GSplit as Setup or Portable.

HJSplit is an easy to use tool for splitting large files to floppies or send them via email in an very easy and conveniant way. Naturally you can join splited files. It works with all known and maybe unknown file formats.

View Screenshots to get a picture.

HJSplit is available for Linux (32/64-bit, portable), DOS, Windows 3.x and 9x - 10 (32/64-bit), OS2, Amiga and as Java and PHP tool.

lxSplit (Command Line) for UNIX/Linux is often installable thru the package managers.

There are some more tools created by Freebyte!


Do you want to rename a lot of files in an easy and convenient way and easier as wiz Windows Explorer? Chose one of the following applications! You can rename files in numerical, alphanumerical and alphabetical order. Date, Time and attributes can be changed.

Rename Master works on Windows XP - 10.

Advanced Renamer is compatible with Windows XP - 10.

Memory Defrag

Old computer with low memory?

Defrag and optimize it's RAM manually or automatically!

CleanMem for Windows 2000 - 10, grab archive or setup.

Wise Memory Optimizer for Windows XP - 10, download archive or setup.

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