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•  System Informations  •

These programs are recommendable for advanced users only!


Get information about your hardware, such as CPU, hard disk, RAM, video system info, mainboard info, and much more. Free for personal, private use only! Screenshot

For Windows XP - 10 (32/64-bit).

Speccy Downloads: Setup  Portable

Another good diagnostic program: PC Wizard

Another good portable prog for diagnostics: System Spec

CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark Portable especially for HDDs and SSDs!

•  System Preferences  •

A lot of System Features are not available easy! You have to walk thru the Control Panel and search for the feature but some are hidden and only available if you work with a Command Prompt or the Registry Editor. Here are two programs which let you customize your sytems in an easy and convenient way, clearly represented and arranged in categories.

Winaero Tweaker for Windows 7 - 10, Screenshot.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows Vista - 10, Screenshot.

•  Registry Cleaning  •

Wise Registry Cleaner Free

Advanced users may want to clean the Registry of their Windows Operating Systems. If you (like me) install and uninstall lots of progs to find the right one, you'll have the problem that there are lots of registry entries which are not required. The Windows Registry has grown and is too large which may slow down your system. You can safely remove all entries which are marked as Safe to fix and you can also remove (if you exaclty know what you do) entries marked as Not fully safe to fix. Other features: Registry defragmentation, create and restore backups, update check and lots of languages are integrated.

For Windows XP - 8 and 64-bit versions.  Screenshots

Download Setup and Portable: Developer Homepage.

Appropriate Windows program: Registry Recycler

More free Registry Tools:

PowerTools LiteNTREGOPTAuslogics and Eusing.

•  Data Recovery  •


Make Backups on external hard drives every day and you won't need these tools!

Recuva is a tool to recover deleted files from your harddrive, even when you deleted the Windows Recycle Bin or your OS crashed or you formatted the hard drive. Automatical partition detection, even if the boot sector has been erased or damaged. Recover files with original time and date stamp, even when a header entry is no longer available.

Screenshots: Windows XP   Windows 7   Windows 8

Recuva is compatble with Windows XP - 10, 32/64-bit.

Download Recuva Setup or Portable.

More programs for free data recovery:

R-Linux for UNIX/Linux and Windows.

TestDisk and PhotoRec for Linux, Free/Net and OpenBSD, Mac, DOS and Windows.

SoftPerfect File Recovery for Mac OS X from 10.6 and Windows XP - 8.1.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android.

Outlook recovery: PST Viewer and OST Viewer.

Programs for partition editing/recovery (advanced useres ONLY!):

GParted is partition editing and recovery for Linux (Screenshot) but you can manage (check, copy, paste, move, create, delete, resize, set label and more) partitions on all x86 based computers including 64-bit machines with the help of GParted Live.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition (Screenshot) is also available as ISO image which you can burn to CD or install it on flash drives. Tools like Easy2Boot or YUMI will assist you in creating a bootable flash drive.

Partition Logic - Free partition managment based on the independent Visopsys OS, available as ISO, USB and Floppy image. Read more about Visopsys and other Operating Systems.

4MRescueKit is a rescue solution including 4 small Linux live systems: Antivirus Live CD, 4MParted for disk partitioning, BakandImgCD for data backup and 4MRecover with TestDisk and PhotoRec for data recovery. You can get all 4 also as single ISO files.

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery for Windows.

Your hard drives are broken totally and you need some data from this drive cause you have forgotten to make backups? Contact the specialists from CONVAR or contact a specialist near you. Be aware, there are good and bad guys out there, ask for a binding offer during the phone call, contact several technicians and compare the offers!

Special tools for data recovery from CD and DVD:

dvdisaster for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

IsoBuster for Windows 2000 - 8, 32 und 64-bit.

•  Defragmentation  •

Sure, there is a program for defragmentation integrated within Windows systems but if you want to defragment your drives and partitions really good, you should do this NOT if you're running a Windows operating system cause a lot of files will be in use while the system is running. Even if you're not working with any program, a lot of system files are running always. The best way to defrag is to create a Live-CD with e.g. WinBuilder with appropriate pre-installed apps. Boot your machine with the Live-CD and defrag the desired FAT or NTFS drive or partiton.

Second-best way: Switch of your Modem and/or Router so that your machine will have NO access to the internet. Close your Windows Firewall, close the Antivirus application or stop the on-access-scanning and close ALL programs you started before and deactivate the auto defrag of Windows Vista - 10. Now start the defragmentation process and do NOTHING until the process is finished.

Defraggler is compatible with Windows XP - 10, 32/64-bit.

Screenshots: Windows XP   Windows 7   Windows 8

Download Defraggler Setup or Portable.

Other recommendable programs: UltraDefrag and Auslogics Disk Defrag.

WinContig for Windows XP - 8.1 is my recommendation for the defragmentation of flash memory media like USB-Sticks and SD-Cards! Do NOT always run a full defrag on your flash-drive, only defrag the actual fragmented files (also possible with above featured programs)!

Here are some Screenshots: Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

•  Software Updates  •

You want to keep ALL your installed programs and drivers up-to-date?

Recommended solution: SUMo plus DUMo for Windows XP - 10!

Download the Lite or portable zipped version with no sponsor messages!

Another solution: FileHippo App Manager for Windows 2000 - 10.

•  TCP-Tweaking  •

Here are two programs to speed up your Internet Connections. The default settings in Windows Operating Systems are not always the best. TCP is the abbreviation for Transmission Control Protocol. Short in my words: The protocol which controls the transfering of data thru the Internet. Find a more detailed explanation here: Wikipedia.

Download Dr.TCP: Developers Homepage.

Take a little preview: Screenshot

For Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.

Read the Dr. TCP FAQ!

Download improveTCP: Developer   frettts-freeware

For Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.

View a Screenshot and read the Info.


Recommended web sites with informations and downloads:

Boot Disks   HDShredder   DriverGuide

HDDScan   FileMenu Tools   HardwareBanter

HDClone   EasyCleaner   DLL-Downloads   Unlocker

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