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Server software for HTTP and FTP

Abyss Web Server X1

A Web Server which requires only a little of your computers memory and CPU power. Features: HTTP/1.1, Server Side Includes (SSI), custom error pages, user access control (HTTP authentication/password protected files), supports CGI, PHP, Perl, and ASP scripts, remote web management interface for easy configuration and more.

Compatible with Linux, Mac OS X from 10.2 and Windows 9x - 10.

Download Abyss Web Server X1, read manuals and visit the support forum.

Get language files and visit the Support Forum if you need help.

FileZilla Server

Free and good FTP server for Windows XP - 10, 32/64-bit.

Download the FileZilla thru SourceForge.

Visit the FileZilla Homepage.


1. Create a free account on, select a hostname, create your new and free domain.

2. Download the free update client for Linux, Windows and Mac from

Now, you're ready to go with your own webserver and a free short domain!

If you have one or more websites at free hosting services wiz an address like this and it's very long, the Webhop redirections and Subdomains respectively from will make you really happy. :) You can chose between over 20 Domainnames and your address will look like this one or similar.

If you want to setup your own webcam for broadcasting your live streams, you'll need webspace or your own web server and a setup guide which will help you. Try this Guide or try camstreams which is free, too and you don't need own webspace or server!

Web sites with other recommendable server software:

AnalogX   XAMPP   JanaServer 2   Networking

IP Info

If you want to know your LAN (Local area network) and WAN (Wide area network) IP addresses, you can get them really easy. Without a router: Right click on the icon on the Windows taskbar which appears when you're online, click on Status, switch to Details. You will see your client (LAN) IP addresses and the server (WAN) IP addresses of your Internet Service Providers. With a router: Type the IP address of your router (mostly or into the address bar of your browser, hit return, search for the tab or menu link Status and you'll see your IP addresses. You can also get your WAN IP address thru WhatIsMyIP where you can also check (IP WHOIS Lookup) who is the owner of a specific website.

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