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Data Security

Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional

A very good Firewall wiz a lot of advanced features. You can allow or disallow programs to connect to the Internet. Naturally you can allow or block all traffic or only incoming or outgoing traffic. It's called Professional Edition rightly but nevertheless it's free. You don't have to create own rules cause a lot of rules are integrated and you can switch e.g. between General Mode or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Mode to allow clients only to access the local network or allow them to connect to the internet. Experts are naturally able to configurate their own advanced rules to block IP Addresses and ports or special rules for various programs like browsers.

Compatible with Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003.

Some Screenshots: Set 1   Set 2

Visit the Homepage of the Filseclab Firewall.

NO Firewall, NO Antivirus program and NO Internet Security application could protect you to 100%! If you misconfigure the firewall or share sensitive data thru the internal network and the web without network protection, you could lose your data or could be hacked and lose your money while doing your online banking! You should be a bit wakefully everytime you surf around the web and read the texts on web pages before clicking links!

Other free Firewalls

Comodo Firewall for Windows XP (SP2) - 10, 32/64-bit. Visit my Antivirus related page (Internet Security for Windows, Antivrus for Linux, Mac and Windows) to view some screenshots, get some more information and an impression.

The Free Firewall provides advanced features, additional privacy features, is also good for Touchscreens and compatible with Windows 7 - 10.

Privatefirewall for Windows XP - 10.

PeerBlock is for Windows XP - 10 and available as PortableApp.

TinyWall for Windows Vista (needs .NET Frameworks) - 10.

For Linux systems: Gufw is nice GUI for ufw.

For specialists who want a Firewall for all their home PCs:

The Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition contains an own Operating System which means you'll need a separate PC with two network cards or one extra if the PC has LAN on-board. All other PCs will then be behind the Firewall PC and all network traffic must first pass it.

Spybot - Search & Destroy

Don't want to have Spyware all the time on your Computer? Protect your privacy now! This program will find and remove the Spyware. Together with a lot of programs you install Spyware or Websites you visit sends Tracking Cookies to your system which will always send data to record your surfing habits and all of your visited Websites to send special advertisings to you. That's one way why you get all these Spam into your inbox. Integrated is an update function, so that you'll be always protected. Really a great Spyware Removal Tool. Free for private use only!

Compatible with Windows XP - 8 (32/64-bit) and UNIX/Linux thru Wine.

Some Screenshots to get a first impression.

Visit the SpybotSD Homepage and get it.

You can get SpybotSD also for portable use from PortableApps.

Good, small and portable: AdwCleaner

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a portable suite with a set of tools for detecting and removing malware but only the scanner is recommendable to unexperienced users.


This program is the right tool to block all ActiveX based spyware, adware, dialers ... . It blocks spyware and tracking cookies in Mozilla Firefox, Seamonkey, K-Meleon, Internet Explorer and IE based browsers like Avant and Slim Browser. SpywareBlaster is free for personal and educational use only!

SpywareBlaster runs on Windows 2000 - 10 (32/64-bit).

Here are two Screenshots of SpywareBlaster.

Visit the Homepage to get this prog.


Delete data garbage and optimize computer performance with CCleaner. Really a great tool to protect your privacy. Delete (secure) all unwanted data garbage manually or automatically on Windows startup. Delete Cookies, Temporary Internet Files (Cache), History and typed Web addresses (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera), Document History, Windows Temp Files, Media Player History, Office File Lists and more history files. More features: Secure file deletion, update check, disable unwanted start-up entries and manage system restore points.

Compatible with Windows XP - 10, Mac and Android.

Here are two Screenshots for you.

Download all versions from developers Homepage.

A portable version for Windows is also available.

Delete yet more history files with CCleaner (Windows only): CCEnhancer

BleachBit for Linux and Windows: Developer and PortableApps

Wise Disk Cleaner for Windows: Developer and PortableApps


Another good cleaning app where you additionally can activate various plugins for different processes e.g. VirtualDub and Winamp. If you have programs which are not listed, write your own Plugin and add it to the plugin file (ClearProg.ini). Secure file deletion, update check and several languages are integrated.

Here is a Screenshot for you.

ClearProg is compatible with Windows 9x - 8.

If you like, take the latest Beta if you have Windows 10!

Download Setup or Portable and visit the Support Forum if you need help.

Eusing Cleaner is a similar tool with plug-ins and custom items.


This is a tool to deactivate the Windows Spy Functions. E.g. the Windows Media Player sends Data to Microsoft. Usually only your Computers configuration, but who knows what else? You can manually deactivate these functions but there are much more as only the functions of the Media Player and it's a lot of work to deactivate all spy functions of Windows manually and you need advanced knowledge to do it. xp-AntiSpy will do it all in one step.

For Windows 9x - 7, 8 - 10 is still in Beta stage.

Download xp-AntiSpy (setup/portable).

Especially for Windows 10:

ShutUp10 - Portable, easy, provides informations and creates system restore point.

10AntiSpy - Portable, easy and delets Metro Apps.

Encryption / Decryption

NEVER save sensitive data like account numbers, PINs and TANs!

AxCrypt is compatible with Windows XP - 10 (32/64-bit) and also available for portable devices such as pen-drives and SD cards. It's really simple to encrypt, decrypt, shred and delete files and folders with AxCrypt. After installation you will see a new entry within the context menu when you rightclick on files and folders. There will also be a submenu with entries like encrypt, decrypt, shred and delete and more.

GnuPG for Linux, Free/Open/NetBSD and more systems.

Gpg4win for Windows XP - 10.

GPG Suite for Mac OS X from 10.6 and newer.

All four programs are Open Source Software.

Read the Wikipedia article about GnuPG.

You can also encrypt plain text files or Office documents with sensitive data by using 7-Zip or PeaZip. Simply compress the files with 7z format and use looong and strooong passwords with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some signs with Shift and AltGr keys! Do not forget to also encrypt the file list! Linux users can do it with Archive Manager (e.g. File Roller or Engrampa). File Manager, mark desired file(s), right click, select Compress, chose 7z as file format, select Other Options and mark Encrypt the file list too or use PeaZip which is featured on my ZIP related page.

Other recommendable free programs and informations:

WipeFile   DBAN   Eraser   Insafe   FOSI

Domain Law   EU Law   Internet Law

Also very important: Antivirus and Backups!

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