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Site Search and Web Search

Privacy, security? DuckDuckGo and Ixquick do NOT use ID-Cookies and do NOT store your IP address and search-terms! Google and other Search Engines DO store anything! You should also use the Firefox Add-ons NoScript, BetterPrivacy and Cookie Monster!

Try the Site Search from DuckDuckGo on my domain!

Get the DuckDuckGo Searchbox for your own site!

Get Search Plug-ins for DuckDuckGo, Ixquick and more for Firefox, IE and other browsers.

Try or the Tor Project to surf anonymously.

Two safe Search Engines especially for Kids: KidRex and KidsClick

Search within the large DMOZ Directory! The DMOZ Search Box, Buttons and Banners.

Meta Search (searching multiple Engines simultaneously): Ixquick and dogpile.

More free and remotely hosted scripts. Sign up for a free account required!

For advanced users:

A good search script (Open Source) to host on your own Webspace: TSEP

Another free (personal use) and good script for your own Webspace!

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