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Internet Radio and TV

Screamer Radio

Screamer Radio is a very cool Internet Radio player. Record MP3 Audio streams and OGG Vorbis streams directly, with no loss of quality! It's legal cause you'll not get a digital 1 to 1 copy thru the soundcard, you'll get an analog copy! You can start recording in the middle of a track and still save the entire song cause a recording buffer supports that great feature. Encode OGG Vorbis, AAC or WMA to MP3 (Lame Codec). Supported streaming formats: Shoutcast and Icecast MP3, Icecast OGG, WMA and AAC.

The Presets file is a XML file (within a GZ archive), therefore you can update the stream URLs really easily or add a station which is not in the list. You need to find out which URL (exactly) belongs to the station you want to update. Often you could find these URLs on the Radio Stations websites, if not, you can write an eMail and ask or call the station by phone or visit an appropriate forum.

Screenshots: Windows XP   Windows 10

Compatible with Windows 2000 - 10.

Download Setup or Portable from Developers Website.

Appropriate applications for Windows XP - 10:

RadioSure - Also a little good piece of Internet Radio software. Screenshots

Three more programs: TapinRadio   streamWriter   AIMP

Appropriate applications for Unix/Linux:

FM-radio tuner for Linux with GNOME: Gnomeradio

Audio-player (Unix/Linux/KDE) with full support: Amarok

There are a lot of useful scripts to expand Amarok.


It's really a good program to hear music online. Record whole radio programs or your favourite songs only. Recording will be done thru the soundcard of your computer. Over 4000 Radio Stations from all over the world are in the data base of phonostar. Supported formats for recording are WAV and MP3, you need the Lame Codec to record directly to MP3.

Here are some Screenshots for you.

Download phonostar (version 2.x) for Windows 95 - XP.

Version 3 is available in German only, more than 9000 stations but ad supported like Youtube. OS compatibility: Windows 8.1 - 10, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Windows Media Player and RealPlayer are required.


Watch TV and hear Radio, record streams, access webcams worldwide and much more.

Compatible with Mac OS X from 10.8 and Windows 2000 - 10.

Download language packs and setup file.

For Windows, Android and iOS: Audials Light

For Windows and Android: ProgDVB bzw. ProgTV.

For Linux, FreeBSD, Windows und Mac: MythTV

For Windows 2000 - 7: Solway's Internet TV and Radio Player.

Watch digital TV from all over the world: Miro and Zattoo

Recommendable web sites about radio, tv and codecs: ¦ Radio and TV     TV-Browser - Free digital TV guide     Free audio codecs, video codecs, codec packs and tools

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