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PDF Reader and Converter

SumatraPDF und Cool PDF Reader

The purpose is to provide small and fast Readers with default features like: Fullscreen, rotate, zoom, view and print PDF files. Optimal for your hard drives cause they start up very fast and a very good choice for USB flash drives and SD cards.

SumatraPDF is a PDF reader for Windows XP - 10, is Open Source Software and more than 50 languages are already integrated. Beside PDF files it can read also the eBook formats ePub and Mobi, Comic Book files CBZ and CBR, CHM, XPS and DjVu as well as Fiction and PalmDoc documents. Another advanced Feature: LaTeX preview!

Here is a Screenshot for a first impression.

You can download this program as Setup and within a Zip-Archive.

Visit the Support Forum if you need help!

Though the content of the Zip-Archive is already portable (simply extract it to a folder of your USB flash drive), you can get SumatraPDF also from PortableApps.

Cool PDF Reader runs under Windows 2000 - 10, Server editions (Windows 2000 and newer), 32/64-bit and is Freeware. Advanced Features: Fullscreen Slideshow and save PDF files as TXT, EPS, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, EMF and WMF. Simply click on File - Save as and select the desired format. More than 70 languages are integrated.

View a Screenshot to get a picture.

You can download the program as setup file and stand-alone portable.

Some other PDF Viewers (mostly for UNIX based systems):

MuPDF is lightweight and can read PDF, XPS and OpenXPS, CBZ, ePUB and FictionBook 2. It's available for Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, Android, iOS and Mac OS X.

Evince for Linux with GNOME (Screenshot) and Windows (only XP - 7) can read PDF, PS, DJVU, TIFF, DVI, XPS, SyncTex (supported with Gedit), eBook formats likes cbr, cbz, cb7 and cbt. It's also available as a portable App from PortableApps for Windows XP - 10.

Okular for Linux with KDE supports PDF, PS, DjVu, CHM, XPS, ePub and more formats.

qpdfview has a tabbed GUI can read PDF, PS, DJVU and SyncTex.

Alternate Viewer for MAC OS X: Skim


Calibre is an eBook Manager with integrated Reader, Editor and Converter. All major formats are supported and Calibre is vailable for Linux, Windows (also portable) and Mac OS X.

Go ahead and visit the Calibre Homepage.

Firefox Add-ons

PrintFriendly & PDF - Save Websites as PDF documents, compatible with Firefox 57+, Chrome, Edge, IE, Safari, iOS and Android.

PdfEdit online editor for PDF files, compatible with Firefox 57+. As this is an online editor, do NOT create or work with files containing any personal and sensitive informations!

pdfit converts web pages or the visible parts to jpg or png and the image to pdf. For Firefox (pre 57) under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor (Windows XP - 10) is a very good free Reader, Editor and Printer with a lot of features (some are marked with Pro and are not free).

Download Installer and Portable: Developer

The older and lighter version (PDF-XChange Viewer, XP - 10) is yet available.

PDF Printers

Some solutions for Windows Operatimg Systems which install a virtual printer driver which works like a real printer and let you create PDF files from any program that supports printing.

Tip 1: Use the LibreOffice suite! This way you can create PDF files from your documents and images without installing extra software, you'll have a good and free Office Suite and also no ads within the generated PDF files!

Tip 2: If you send job applications via eMail, don't send Office documents, create PDF files and send them. Maybe the companies have other Office Suites or if they have the same, they may use other monitor resolutions. In that case there will be a compatibility problem or your file has much more line breaks. With PDF files there will be no problem!

doPDF for Windows 2000 - 10, doesn't require Ghostscript and is adequate if you don't want much more than printing PDF files from e.g. M$ Word.

WinPDF for Windows 2000 - 10, doesn't require Ghostscript and is another easy solution.

Bullzip PDF Printer for Windows XP - 10 requires Ghostscript but there is a light weight version of Ghostscript available thru System Requirements on the homepage. If you want some more features, then may this is what you're looking for.

Screenshots: doPDF   WinPDF   BullZip

Icecream PDF Converter - Convert many formats to and from PDF, e.g. eBooks to PDF!


PDF Editors for UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mac:

PDF Link Editor - Add, remove, replace, edit and extract links in batch mode.

PDFtk - Powerful PDF Editor for Windows with GUI, for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac CLI only.

PDFTK Builder Portable for Windows XP - 10:

PDF Chain - Some of us may want a GUI for PDFtk under Linux!

PDFsam - Split, merge and rotate PDF files under Linux, Mac and Windows.

PDF-Shuffler - Split, merge and re-arrange PDF files under Linux and FreeBSD.

PdfMod - Edit your PDF documents under Linux and FreeBSD.

PDFtk, PdfMod, PDFsam, and PDF-Shuffler are available thru repositories of Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and all other Debian and Ubuntu based systems which are using the Debian or Ubuntu reps. You can get PDFtk also under Fedora, openSUSE, FreeBSD ... and i bet you'll find the other tools also under more systems. Check for packages!

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