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Audacity  (Open Source)

Record and play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, MP3 files (Lame Codec) and more. Edit your sounds using Cut, Copy and Paste with unlimited Undo, mix tracks together, or apply effects (Echo, Change Tempo and Noise Removal) to your recordings, built-in amplitude envelope editor, a customizable spectrogram mode and a frequency analysis window for audio analysis applications. More than 30 languages are integrated.

For Windows 2000 - 8, UNIX/Linux and Mac OS X.

Visit the Downloads section, there are also Plugins for additional effects!

Visit the help section to get support!

Audacity for portable media: PortableApps

With Audacity you can also create (in mp3) own Ringtones for your mobiles! Vodafone Branding? Get the DRM Packager from Sony Ericson and check this board if you need help with the packager.

Another good application for Linux and Windows: LMMS

Yet another good application for Linux and MAC OS X: ardour

Want to download music free and legally? Frettt's Surftips!

Winamp is a very good alternative to Windows Media Player. Some integrated features: Media Library, Playlist Editor, Equalizer, Minibrowser, Internet Radio, TV Stations and it's skinable. Some of the supported audio and video formats: MP1, MP2, MP3 and MP4, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, MIDI and CDA, MPEG, MPG, MKV, AVI, FLV, ASF and WMV.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 - 8.

Recommendation: Download (page bottom) Winamp Lite without Plugins, Skins ... and media library in 16 languages. Standard version: Top of page.

How to make Winamp Lite portable!

Get only the Plugins and Skins you want.

Older Versions of Winamp: oldversion.com and oldapps.com

Comparable Player for UNIX/Linux: XMMS

Comparable Players for Windows: AIMP and MediaMonkey

Multimedia jukebox for Linux, Windows and OSX: XBMC

Player for Windows and Mac: Songbird

Media Player for Linux (GNOME/GTK+):

Audacious, Banshee, Exaile and Rhythmbox

Media Player for Linux (KDE): Amarok and Kaffeine

Audio CD Ripper

CDex: (Open Source) Ripp (extract) your desired audio tracks fropm CDs directly to WAV, MP3 or OGG, convert tracks to other formats, customize the fornat settings and get album informations like artist, album and tracks thru remote CD data bases.

Have a look: Screenshots

Compatible with Windows 9x - 7.

Download: CDex Homepage.

Ripper for Linux, Mac, Free-/Net-/OpenBSD, Solaris and Windows: fre:ac

More Rippers for Windows: EAC and FairStars CD Ripper

Rippers from PortableApps (Windows): CDex and fre:ac

Rippers for Linux: Asunder, RipOff, RipperX and Sound Juicer


It's a tool to cut mp3 files directly, without convertion into the WAV format before cutting. For Windows 2000 - 7 and Linux thru Wine.

Get an impression: Screeenshot

Download: mp3DirectCut Homepage.

Another tool from Martin Pesch is 1by1 Player which is very handy, small in size (approx. 150 KB), fast and runs directly without setup. It plays whole folder or directory contents directly, you don't need playlists. Output decoders: ACM for mp3, mpglip for mp2 and mp3. Input: Winamp input plugins like ogg and wav.

1by1 Player is for Windows 2000 - 7 and Linux thru Wine.

Download: 1by1 Player Homepage.

Editor (Windows) for mp3 and more formats: AudioDub

Good Editor (Windows) for Wave files: WavePad

Good Editor for Linux (GNOME): Gnome Wave Cleaner


To fix abrupt ending or beginning of mp3 songs, take this tool. You can fade in or out how you want to have it. Clean your mp3 from unwanted noises. It works directly wiz the mp3, so you have not to decode and encode your songs.

For Windows 98 - 8.  Screenshot

Trim WAV files? Take wavTrim!

Download mpTrim and wavTrim: Developer

Visit the localization page if you need language files (only for mpTrim).

Audio manipulation under Linux:

Sweep, ReZound and WaveSurfer.

Convert audio files under Windows:

AudioCon, fre:ac and MediaCoder.

Convert audio files under Linux:

Transcoder Audio Edition, Sound Converter (GNOME) und soundKonverter (KDE).


Get more functions to edit the tags of your music files with Mp3tag. Some Features: Read and write tags for ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2, Ogg, WMA and import tags from filenames. Import tags from local and from online data bases, export tags to formats like html, xml ..., save and rename tags thru batch mode, create playlists automatically, format tags and filenames. Over 20 languages are integrated.

Compatible with Windows 2000 - 8.

Mp3tag Download: Developer

Visit the Support Forum if you need help.

Tag-Editor for UNIX/Linux and Windows: EasyTAG

Tag-Editor for Linux: Kid3

MP3Gain  (Open Source)

This is a tool for processing volume normalization on single MP3 files or whole albums to change the volume of all songs to the same volume.

For Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

Download MP3Gain Setup or Zip-Archive with or without VB Runtimes.

Though the content of the Zip-Archive is already portable (simply extract it to a folder of your USB flash drive), you can get MP3Gain also from PortableApps.

Program for AAC audio files: AACGAIN

Program for Ogg Vorbis audio files: VorbisGain

Graphical User Interface (UNIX/Linux, GTK2) for MP3Gain, AACGAIN and VorbisGain: easyMP3Gain. Check your package manager first, some distributions provide all packages you need!


Web sites with other recommendable mp3 related stuff:

FLAC audio codec    Audiobook Cutter    Monkey's Audio

Mixere    Get MPC    JetAudio    VideoLAN

DivX    EAC - Get the most of grabbing your CD's

afreeCodec.com - The leader in codec support.    Quintessential player    Free audio codecs, video codecs, codec packs and tools

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