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HTML Editors and more

Source Code Editors

The previously none free Tool WebAnalysis and the HTML-Editor (X)HTML-Format (formerly Freeware) are now available as Open Source Software package named OpenWebsuite. You can check your web pages offline and online. Analyse whole domains or single pageswhich includes title, description, keywords, links, graphics and more.

The Editor is easy to use wiz CSS, preview and much more.

Linux Mint Screenshots: WebAnalysis   HTML-Format

Windows Screenshots: WebAnalysis   HTML-Format

Don't forget to insert the tags - here is a Screenshot - for the doctype and character encoding (e.g. UTF-8 or ISO 8859-1) as well as the codes for the character entities like £ or €.

More information on doctype, character encoding and character entities.

The Websuite runs on all Operating Systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris) for those the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is available. If not installed yet, you have to download and install the JRE first, before you can create, edit and analyze your web pages cause Editor and Analysis are programmed completely in Java.

Download the OpenWebsuite: SourceForge


This Editor makes life wiz HTML easy. It's a good editor for beginners, but also recommendable for advanced users. CSS, validation and FTP upload are integrated. Supported languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

Get an impression: Screenshot

Download SuperEdi for Windows 98 - 10, 32/64-bit.


Bluefish is a good Open Source HTML-Editor for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, MAC OS X and other POSIX kompatible Systems which supports beside English and German some more Languages.

Linux Mint Screenshot and Windows Screenshot of Bluefish.

Bluefish for Windows is available on SourceForge.

You can install Bluefish thru using the Synaptic Package Manager (GNOME), the Adept Installer (KDE) or use a Terminal and type apt-get install bluefish if you use a Debian based Linux System like Ubuntu, Kubuntu etc. and emerge blufish under Gentoo. Mac users can run fink install bluefish or visit the Fink project first. Visit the Bluefish Wiki for installing Bluefish under Fedora, AltLinux, Slackware and OpenSolaris.

Visit the Bluefish Homepage.

CSS Editing

Beside creating and editing your style sheets with above named editors, you can use a separate tool which will assist you in placing the background for your site (if you wish one) in the right way and definig size, colors and style of your font and fonts, respectively.

Simple CSS for MAC OS X (10.7 - 10.11) and Windows XP (SP2) - 10.

You can create photo albums for webpages with XnView!

HTML Tutorials and Support

Learn all about HTML, CSS and more: W3Schools - HTML Dog

Especially for CSS: CSS-Tricks

Tutorials and tips: HTML Goodies and webreference

Free Webmaster Help has a Tutorial for beginners.

For beginners: How Web Pages Work

For kids: Lissa Explains it All

HTML and CSS Validation

Check your HTML source code and more wiz the experts!

W3C HTML Validation and W3C CSS Validation, nibbler and MOBILEMOXI

Search Engine Submission

If you use Meta tags and pay a bit attention on Title, Description and Keywords (should fit together!) and your Keywords are present between your websites body tags, don't worry about search engines, they'll find and list you automatically. Check your Meta tags with WebAnalysis (top of page) or use the free META Tag Analyzer from!

Nevertheless, a manual submission to DMOZ is never a bad idea!

Other recommendable web sites:

Get a free Disclaimer for your web site.

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