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Graphic Applications


A graphic manipulation program for creating and editing own images and for edting photos respectively. Therefore it's a real good alternative to commercial and expensive programs, cause it's good for simple, advanced and also professional usage. Work with filters and masks, unlimeted layers and save / export pictures in a lot of formats incl. JPG, PNG and PSD.

Screenshots: Linux Mint   Windows XP

More Informations and Downloads for Linux, Mac and Windows.

You can get GIMP thru the package managers of your Distributions!

The official Documentation and an international Support Forum.

Get GIMP for portable media from PortableApps (Windows only).

Other good programs for photo editing:

Tux Paint - Graphic program for kids from 3 - 12 with many features, available in a lot of languages for Linux, Windows, Android, Mac and iOS.

Pinta is a good alternative to GIMP for Linux, Windows and Mac.

LazPaint for Linux, Windows and Mac.

PhotoPad for Windows XP - 10, Mac, Android and Kindle.

Xpaint for Linux, BSD platforms, Mac, Solaris and more systems.

mtPaint is compatible with Linux and Windows.

Only for Windows: Paint.NET, PhotoPlus and PhotoFiltre.


A very great image viewer with a lot of features. Nearly 100 graphic formats and 16 audio/video formats are supported, Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD), thumbnail browser, support for Adobe Photoshop Filters, RAW formats and drag n drop, Email option, batch conversion (with image processing), Multimedia player, effects like sharpen, blur, Adobe 8BF support (Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited etc.), snapshots, extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs, many Plugins, lossless JPG rotation, PDF export and many more. IrfanView is free for private and non-commercial, non-profit and educational use only!

Screenshots: Windows 7   Windows 10

IrfanView is compatible with Windows 9x - 10.

Download zip archives directly here: 32-bit   64-bit

Setup, plug-ins and localizations are available thru Irfan's Homepage.

Though the content of the Zip-Archive is already portable (simply extract it to a folder of your USB flash drive), you can get IrfanView also from PortableApps.


Software for viewing and converting images which is really simple to use and can read more than 500 picture formats and write more than 70 formats! Create complete websites with Image Galleries, browse folders to view your pictures and more files thru the integrated Filebrowser (like Windows Explorer). More features: Batch convert, fullscreen mode, read many and also write to some RAW formats, slide show, resize, thumbnail preview, screen captures and much more. Free for private and non-commercial use only!

XnView versions for Windows XP - 10:

Minimal: English/French/German.

Standard: A lot of languages, jpeg2000 and some Add-ons.

Complete: A lot of languages, Plug-ins, Add-ons plus Extras like NConvert.

Screenshots: Windows 7   Windows 10: Set 1   Set 2

XnViewMP: Windows, Linux, Mac, all Features from XnView and more.

Here are some Screenshots of XnViewMP under Linux Mint.

Downloads for all versions:

Though the content of the Zip-Archive is already portable (simply extract it to a folder of your USB flash drive), you can get XnView also from PortableApps.

There are also XnSoft apps for Android and iOS.


A picture viewer, not as comprehensive as the previous two progs but it's also a good little thing. Features: Thumbnail preview of current folder, explorer panel, meta-data and histogram display, browse zip and Office files, rotate, flip and transform (plug-ins), adjust of contrast, brightness and more, some more plug-ins and support for the most used formats incl. RAW camera formats, psd, mng, mpo and jpeg2000.

View Screenshots to get a first impression.

Compatibility: Linux, Windows 2000 - 10, FreeBSD and OS/2.

A real Windows 64-bit version (both, setup and portable) is also available.

A port for Mac systems is also available on

Visit the Homepage and the project page.

ImageMagick for Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, lots of features but a bit different.

Honeyview - Picture viewer for Windows XP - 10 with location view on Google Maps if GPS data is included in photos, RAW support and viewing of image files within archives.

Image viewers for Linux:

Image viewer with lots of features: gThumb

Image viewer with many features: Mirage

Image viewer with basic features: Viewnior and Berry.

More recommendable graphic applications and realted stuff:

JPG-Illuminator   IcoFX   FastStone Image Viewer   The Plugin Site   hasslefree   buttonland

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