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FTP Clients and Download Managers


Core FTP LE is very simple and comfortable to use. To connect automatically the next time without retyping all informations again, you can create accounts (Site manager) completely with usernames and passwords. The client is fast and stable, with Keep Alive, Auto Reconnect, proxy support and much more. Profiles are stored with encrypted passwords within the file SiteProfiles!

Core FTP works under Windows 98 - 8.1 (32/64-bit).

Here are two Screenshots to get an impression.

Thanks to the Webmaster of Core FTP for the direct download.

You can also use CoreFTP from flash-drives, read this guide!


FireFTP is a good FTP-Client which is packed as an Add-on for Firefox. Runs under Linux, Mac, Windows and more Systems and you can get this great Add-on for Firefox in over 30 languages. The site profiles are stored with encrypted passwords within the file fireFTPsites.dat!

Visit the FireFTP Homepage.

FileZilla Client

Fast, free and good FTP client for Windows Vista - 10 (32/64-bit), Linux (32/64-bit) and Mac OS X (10.7 or higher). More than 40 language files are integrated. The site profiles are stored with base64 encrypted passwords within the XML-files FileZilla and sitemanager respectively, within your profile folder!

Get a picture!

Download for Windows (Setup/Portable), Linux and Mac OS X: Homepage.

FileZilla for Linux based OS: Simply install it thru the package manager of Debian or your Debian based distribution (e.g. Ubuntu and Linux Mint).

Though the content of the Zip-Archive is already portable (simply extract it to a folder of your USB flash drive), you can get FileZilla Portable also from PortableApps.

Tip: Store the private data in brain, use the Quickconnect bar and delete the private data afterwards, in FTP client, NOT in brain ;) ! More protection for your FTP passwords: Store FileZilla.xml, SiteProfiles and fireFTPsites.dat within a password protected, encrypted 7z archive (description), import it every time you use the client and delete all entries after you disconnected from the server!

FTP Client for UNIX/Linux/KDE: KFTPgrabber

FTP Client for Linux, Windows, Mac and more systems: JFtp

BTW: You can transfer files thru the FTP protocol with file managers like Konqueror, Krusader, Nautilus and GNOME Commander under Linux and with e.g. FreeCommander under Windows if you type for own FTP accounts or for public FTP archives, in the location bar.

Free Download Manager

FDM is a free and good Download Manager for Windows XP - 10 which supports BitTorrent, video conversion, portable mode, remote control and a lot of languages.

Visit the FDM Homepage, or get the pure portable version.


wxDFast or wxDownload Fast is really a fast, free and good Download Manager for Windows 2000/XP, Linux and Mac OS X.

Here are two Screenshots to get an impression.

wxDFast for Windows (Setup and Portable), Linux and Mac: Visit the wxDFast Homepage, the SourceForge Project Page or get packages thru the repositories of your Linux distributions.

Appropriate Download Managers:

Uget for Linux and Windows XP - 10.

MultiGet for Linux, Mac, BSD and Windows 2k/XP.

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