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Desktop Programs

SwapMouseButtons and Dmouse

For left-handed users, who want to swap the mouse buttons under Windows (98 - XP) easily.

SwapMouseButtons allows not only to swap the mouse buttons, it also allows to turn the arrows from right to left and you can flip the mouse buttons easyily with CTRL + F12, a custom Hotkey or thru clicking an icon on your Quick Launch toolbar. It's very useful when lefties sharing a computer with righties!

View some Screenshots to get an impression.

You can download SwapMouseButtons 2.3 right here cause the Hompage is no longer available but I keep SwapMouseButtons on my web page and on my computer. It seems that both tools are identically but you can see the first differences when you view the Screenshots.

Dmouse integrates into the Taskbar and is also easily usable on Touchscreens.

Here are some Screenshots of DMouse.

Download Dmouse here, the Hompage is no more available.

Dmouse is compatible with Windows 98 - Vista, maybe Windows 7.

Moure is a tool for XP and newer Windows systems to swap mouse buttons (temporarly or persistenly) only for desired devices. So, you can swap mouse buttons e.g. only for your mouse but NOT for your touchpad. Also really useful if some people share one PC/Laptop but want to use their own mouses!

I also found similar for UNIX/Linux KDE users.

mouse-swap for KDE4 and mouseswap-kf5 for KDE 5.

A lot of cursors for lefties and righties:

FunUtilities,  RealWorld Cursors and TotallyFreeCursors.

Windows Vista - 10 Aero Cursor Sets for lefties from deviantART: Black and White. There are more, type left-handed cursor into the search box on the deviantART web page to find them.

In general you can copy or unpack all Windows Cursor Themes (*.cur and *.ani) to the folder Cursors which is a subfolder of C:\Windows. That applies also to earlier versions of Windows like 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista. To select a new theme or switch to another theme, go to Control Panel - Mouse - Pointers.

Create your own cursors with one of the following free tools:

RealWorld Cursor Editor, Free Icon Editor, AniFX, IcoFX and IcoFX Portable.

You can get also Cursor Themes for left-handers under Linux! Get Yellow Dot - Left Handed, Crystal Cursors, Faber Cursors, Grounation and more, here is a list. Often you can install Crystal and Comix cursors thru the repositories of Debian and Debian based systems like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Simply start the Synaptic Package Manager, search for cursor, select and install them. Sometimes, (with Compiz enabled) the cursors won't work systemwide, that means you'll see the new selected cursor on some apps like Firefox but not on all programs. To fix this for the Crystal Cursors, open a terminal window and type or copy'n'paste sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme, provide your root password and type the number of your desired Crystal Cursor theme. After restarting the system, your selected cursor theme does work systemwide. Supported systems: Debian/Ubuntu plus derivatives and more.

Download a text file with these and more information.

Lefty cursors in Puppy Linux: Unpack e.g. Faber Cursors and Yellow Dot - Left Handed to /root/.icons and run JWMDesk Manager from Menu - Desktop, click on Mouse Cursor, select the cursor you want, reboot (create savefile!), voilà.

Have a look at this Puppy Screenshot to see it all.

SliTaz with cursors for left-handers: Unpack cursor packs to /home/tux/.icons, go to Menu - Preferences - Appearance - Mouse Cursor, select theme, click on Apply and Close, ready.

Here is a Screenshot of SliTaz with left-handed cursors.

Porteus with cursors for left-handers: Unpack cursor packs to /home/guest/.icons or /root/.icons, go to Menu - Settings - Mouse and Touchpad - switch to the last tab, select theme, click on Apply and Close, ready. Systemwide installation: Screenshot.

Visit my operating systems page if you want more informations about Puppy, SliTaz and other Linux based operating systems or WindowsPE and systems for kids!

Helper programs for physically impaired people:

Clikka Mouse Free and more programs from Marcello Pietrelli & Gianni Baini.

ClickAid, Click-N-Type and more programs from Polital.

You could also get some portable accessibility programs from PortableApps.


A great tool for people who need more space on their Desktops is Dexpot. You can use up to 20 virtual Desktops at the same time and you can select a own wallpaper for each Desktop. Switch between the Desktops (Desktop Manager) and define your personal combinations of hotkeys. Dexpot runs under Windows 2000 - 7 and 64-bit versions. You need administrative rights during the installation process!

Compatible with Windows 9x - 8.1 (32/64-bit).

Dexpot is free for private, none commercial use only!

Download setup or portable: Dexpot Homepage.

A Desktop Manager (also Portable) for Windows 9x - 10: VirtuaWin

Desktop Notes

Do you love sticking those little yellow notes around your monitor, fridge and ... ? These useful notes are avalaible as little helper applications for computers, too!

PNotes runs under Windows 98 - 10 and 64-bit, is available within an archiv and therefore usable without installation process and naturally usable on your USB flash drives. PNotes is very customizable!

View some Screenshots to get a first impression.

Download Setup, Portable and one of more than 30 language files.

Stickies runs under Windows 98 - 10 and is another of this great little programs for placing your sticky notes around the Desktop.

Download language files and the setup file.

PNotes and Stickies for the PortableApps Platform.

Two Programs for Linux: Xpad and Tomboy.

Notes for Firefox (Add-ons):

57 compatible: Internote and Sticky Notes

Pre 57: Note Taker and OurStickys


JoJoSaver is a screensaver, which indicates pictures of the file types JPG, BMP, GIF, png, TIF, WMF, TGA and PCX in a Diashow. These pictures can be in freely selectable listings. The time intervals between the picture changes as well as the kind of the sequence of the pictures (coincidental, according to file names sorts ...) can be stopped. The picture change can be accomplished by a multiplicity of selectable, genuine class effects. Languages: Dansk, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Hrvatski, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk. You need administrative rights during the installation process!

For Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

Attention: After the installation process each picture change fig. must have been 3-5 times gone through, until the timing parameter for the respective PC was determined.

The VB Runtimes are required for JoJoSaver, take the Full Setup which includes the Runtimes, if you are not sure!

Free Fonts for your computers: HighFonts and Acid Fonts

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