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Web Browser

Pale Moon

The Pale Moon Web Browser is a fork of Firefox and has it's own Extensions and Themes. It's available for Linux (also portable), Windows 7 - 10 (also portable) and Android. It also has it's own Browser Engine (Goanna) which is a fork of Gecko from Mozilla.

Use Search Plugins to search a lot of search engines, dictionaries (Leo) and communities for terms and definitions or images, from the integrated Search Bar.

If you use AdBlock Latitude I recommend to use the add-on with Peter Lowe's Adservers list and own custom filters, only. The EasyLists have tooo many whitelisted pages!

If you use uBlock Origin note that it's a general blocker, it blocks a bit more than only Ads. You can disable the EasyLists and use Peter Lowe's list with custom filters, too.

Screenshots: Main Window   Preferences

There are several language packs available.

Visit the Pale Moon Homepage today and discover it!

Waterfox for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android, is based on Firefox but doesn't make the switch to WebExtensions, so you can keep your old beloved Add-ons.

CLIQZ for Windows, Mac and iOS, Android and also Linux, is based on Firefox and has built-in Features which other Browsers don't have or are only available thru third-party add-ons.

Falkon (formerly QupZilla) for Linux and Windows. Linux: Thru repositories, Source, AppImage and Flatpak. Windows: Installer and portable in one file plus PortableApps version.

Midori for UNIX/Linux and Windows (also portable). Screenshots

Falkon and Midori (Open Source) are based on WebKit.

Opera for Linux, Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. Own rendering engine (Presto) until version 12, then Blink. Tip: PortableApps (Presto and Blink) or Vivaldi (Blink).

Chromium for Linux, Windows, Android, Mac and iOS is the source of Google Chrome and used the layout engine Webkit (Apple Safari) til version 27, now it's Blink which is a fork of WebKit, which is already a fork of KHTML.

Iron (Linux/Windows/Mac) is Chromium based but respects privacy.

Epic (Windows/Mac) is Chromium based but respects privacy.

Browser Extensions for a Kid safer web:

Fox Web Security for Chrome and Firefox (pre 57).

FamilyFriendly for Opera, Chrome and Firefox (57+).

Avant Browser

With Avant Browser (Windows 9x - 10) you could chose between three technologies: Gecko (Mozilla), Trident (IE) and Blink (Chrome). It's also a fast, stable and user-friendly multi-site (Tabs) Web Browser. Integrated features: Pop-up Blocker, cleaner that helps to clear all browsing traces and keep your privacy, RSS Reader, Flash Filter and over 40 languages.

Download Avant as setup file or self extracting 7z archive for USB-devices.


SlimBrowser (Windows XP - 10, needs IE) works also with a Tabbed Interface (Tabs) and features: Pop-up Blocker, Flash Blocker, History Cleaner, Search Engines, Quick Search, RSS-Reader, Domain Completion, Babelfish and Google Translation, FTP-upload and much more.

Slim is bundled with plugins which you can install but only RoboForm is Freeware, the other plugins are Shareware. Switch between languages thru the language menu.

Download Slim and a lot of skins.

SlimJet for Linux and Windows (XP - 10) is based on Chromium.


Browzar (Windows 98SE - 10, needs IE) is very small, lightweight and doesn't leave traces. You can clean all traces at every time but when you close Browzar all traces will be deleted automatically. You can download and start Browzar immediately from hard disks or removable devices, single executable, no setup required!

Visit the Browzar Homepage to get Browzar.

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