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Antivirus Software

Comodo Internet Security

You have the choice to install Firewall and Antivirus separately or together during installation process. I don't want to write a lot of text at this point, but I have to say that the whole package was easy to use and to configure. I think it'll be a good choice for beginners and advanced users who will find a lot of features and settings to configure. Naturally there is an On-Access Scanner that provides protection for all applications which need to interact with the Internet. Within the first 2 days of usage, I had to confirm internet access for several programs which need to communicate with the web. Once I did it for the web browser and the FTP client, marked them as trusted and configured how the progs could connect (only thru TCP and HTTP for the browser, the FTP client thru TCP and FTP only), the whole configuration was done for me. Regular home users may have to do less configuration and professionals have to do more. The antivirus engine identified some well known and trused programs as e.g. malware, which were not reported by other virus scanners but you can report those False Positives easily to Comodo and mark them as trusted after verification. Not sure? Let check VirusTotal the program or file, first!

Screenshots: Main Window and Advanced Settings

As you can see on the Screenshots, it's Internet Security Premium but don't worry, Comodo named the free version Premium.

Here is a Screenshot of the Cloud based AV program.

Both are compatible with Windows XP - 10.

You can download Antivirus (Linux/Windows/Mac) and Firewall (Windows) separately!

Visit the Comodo Homepage and click on Personal.

Free protection for Android is also available.

Visit the the Support Forums if you need help!

Clearsight - Free real-time protection with automatic and daily updates for schools under Windows XP - 10. Free protection for Android is also available.

Avast Free

Avast Free is a good and free antivirus software which removes all known viruses from your computers. Updates for the antivirus definitions are retrieved automatically and you have to confirm for program updates. Integrated Shields: File system Shield, Mail Shield which protects all traffic over POP3 (Incoming Mail), SMTP (Outgoing Mail), IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) and NNTP (News). Read a Wikipedia article about these protocols). Network Shield , P2P Shield (peer-to-peer) and IM (Instant Messenger) shield and last but not at least the Web Shield which works as a transparent proxy server for monitoring and filtering all HTTP traffic. The on-access scanner does monitor your computers permanently and and will protect against viruses, worms, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, macro viruses, boot record viruses, dialers and spyware. You can scan single files, folders and USB Flash drives manually thru using the on-demand scanner.

Screenshots: Summary   Shields   Settings

Avast Free is compatible with Windows XP - 10 (no server systems).

Free for HOME users for NON-COMMERCIAL use only!

Free protection for Android, Mac and iOS is also available.

Visit the Avast Website and the Support Forums if you need help!

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free protects your computers with a resident module (On-Access Scanner), on-demand scanner, automatic updates, link scanner, USB pendrive scanner (Tools - Advanced Settings - Scans - Removable device scan), safe search and security toolbar for web browsers. AVG Antivirus Free is free for the private, non-commercial usage ONLY!

Screenshots: Windows 8.1   Windows 10

Downloads, compatible with Windows XP (SP2) - 10.

AVG provides also security for Mac and Android.

Visit the the Support Forums if you need help!

Sophos provides security für Linux, Windows, Android, Mac und iOS..

BitDefender provides security for Windows, Mac and Android.


ClamAV is a good on demand virus scanner (command line, NO real-time protection!) which is available for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and Mac. It's definitely available within the repositories of Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE, RedHat and Fedora, Mageia and OpenMandriva, Gentoo and more ditributions. Simply check your package manager (e.g. Synaptic, Ubuntu Software Center, Mint Software Manager, Adept...) or visit the downloads page to get a package or setup file!

ClamTk is a GUI for UNIX/Linux with GNOME, MATE, Xfce, LXDE etc.

KlamAV is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for UNIX/Linux with KDE.

Projects based on ClamAV:

Immunet for Windows XP - 10 INCLUDES real-time protection.

ClamWin for Windows 98 - 10 does NOT include real-time protection!

ClamWin Portable for Windows XP - 10 is very useful on pen-drives!

Visit the the Support Forums if you need help!

Virus removal - Informations and tools

If your computer is already infected, get free removal tools!

McAfee Stinger is able to remove nearly all known viruses, is always up-to-date and portable. Perfect for virus cleaning on the go! Get informations about recent viruses!

Stinger is also available from PortableApps.

The Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is also portable and very recommendable.

Rootkit Remover (portable): McAfee, BitDefender and Kaspersky.

Kaspersky's Rootkit Remover (TDSSKiller) is also available from PortableApps.

Single removal tools for a lot of viruses (portable): BitDefender, AVG and Kaspersky.

You can also check files and web addresses thru an online scanner like VirusTotal.

Antivirus Rescue from outside Windows: There are guides regarding to CD and USB flash creation and booting from these media on the Kaspersky Homepage where you can get the Kaspersky Rescue Disk. Another method: Add the Kaspersky or e.g. the AVG Rescue CD to your thumb-drive using tools like YUMI, which are filed under USB-Boot.


Important! The System Restore Feature under Windows ME - 10 will recover the virus if you restore your system to an earlier configuration. Disable it before you start to remove viruses and enable it again after you removed viruses successfully!!!

You need administrative rights on all systems!

Windows 10: Open the Control Panel - System and Security - System - Advanced system settings - System Protection - Protection Settings - select your sytem drive - Configure - Disable System Protection - Apply - OK. If you have more than one drive, disable protection for ALL drives!

Windows 8/8.1: Use your keyboard, press Windows and X at once, select System and from this point you can continue like under Windows 7.

Windows 7: Right click the Computer icon on your Desktop, select Properties and select System protection, then select the disk under Protection Settings, click on Configure and hit Turn off system protection, click OK and OK again.

Windows Vista: Right click the Computer icon on your Desktop, select Properties then System Protection, uncheck checked drives and hit Turn System Restore Off.

Windows XP: Click on Start, right click My Computer and click Properties than select the System Restore tab and check Turn off System Restore.

Unsafe Removable Media

Tools like Ninja Pendisk or USB Immunizer from BitDefender will scan all USB pendisks which will be connected to your PC's, removes viruses from the inserted pendisk and will immunize it! If you use e.g. AVG Antivirus and enabled the included pendisk scanner, you won't need such tools and should NOT use it cause two Antivirus scanners can hurt another and this can crash your Computer!

It's better to disable the AutoPlay feature cause the file autorun.inf is often used to infect computers with viruses, trojans etc.!

Linux systems: Go to e.g. System Settings - Removable Media or Control Center - Removable Drives and Media or open your File Manager and go to Menu - Edit - Preferences - Media and disable things like mount, browse, open, run and play.

Windows 10: Start - Settings - Devices - AutoPlay - Turn it from On to Off.

Windows 7/8: Open Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - AutoPlay and disable AutoPlay for all or only for one or some of the displayed items.

Windows Vista: Open Control Panel - Play CDs or other media automatically and disable AutoPlay for all or only for one or some of the displayed items.

Windows XP: Right-click a CD/DVD or other removable drive, click on Properties, select the AutoPlay tab and disable what you want.

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