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Windows Live CDs and USB Boot-Sticks

WinBuilder - Windows Live CDs

WinBuilder is a program for creating Windows based Live-Systems (WinPE) for system maintenance and data-recovery. You can create one in conjunction with a CD/DVD or ISO image of a Windows OS. That way you can recover files from corrupted systems or you have your own little Windows system for to go. Little cause an ISO of a simple 32-bit system with only a few extra programs could be only approx. 500 MB and you can burn it onto a CD. If you want a 64-bit system with extra programs, you have to be very carefully or you'll need a DVD. Sure, using a flash-drive is the better choice but there are some computers out there which will not allow booting from USB and then you MUST use a CD or DVD.

ISO-Images which are created with the Media Creation Tool, are NOT qualified! You can download ISOs directly via the Windows ISO Downloader (.NET Frameworks required). With WinBuilder you can select a project like Win7PE which then will be downloaded. Add software apps of your choice, create and burn the ISO-Image or create a flash-drive.

Program-Screenshots: WinBuilder Win8.1SE x64

Boot screens: Gena   Win8.1SE x86/x64

You can realize the Dual-Boot e.g. via ISO within ISO.

System-Screenshots: Gena   Win7PESE   Win10PESE

Screenshot of Win8.1SE x64 with some started apps thru the PStart launcher from the same flash drive, NOT with the integrated script cause that way I can use PStart on any computer with Windows installed, directly and from the WinPEs on my USB-Stick.

Backgrounds: Lightning collection from Rob Margel and DesktopNexus.

Do you have more than one WinBuilder ISO file and want to have them together on one flash-drive and be able to boot from each one? Here's my guidance for building a Multi-Boot USB-Stick with Easy2Boot! Set it up, chose and try one of the options and add also some Linuxes.

Gena (XP), Win7PESE, Win8.1SE and Win10PESE projects!

Naturally you need to know how to boot from flash drives.

USB Boot-Sticks and Multi-Boot

Easy2Boot and RMPrepUSB - Build a custom Multi-Boot flash-drive under Windows or Linux! Multi-Boot means, you can have multiple Systems in Live-Mode (Windows PE and Linux) on your flash-drives. For a first test, QEMU is integrated.

Easy2Boot has it's own page with guidance and lots of screenshots.

Beginners may should start with AIO Boot or YUMI!

AIOBoot - For Windows, portable, really a bunch of features, several bootloaders, easy and convenient, localized (in German since v0.9.7.9) and with Emulation.

Screenshots: Extractor   Creator   Grub2

You should defrag all the ISOs on your bootable flash-drive!

YUMI - For Windows, portable, Multi-Boot, easy to use, no emulation!

Screenshots: Program and boot screens.

Persistence is available (only FAT32) for most Ubuntu based systems!

Puppy Linux with persistence is standard cause of Puppy's savefile but it's not so easy with YUMI. Solution: You have to place the savefile within the Puppy folder when asked on first Puppy shutdown from the YUMI drive!

Nicer menu labels? Simply edit the menu files (e.g. antivirus.cfg).

Install MultiCD for Linux and build your own ISO for CD/DVD or flash drives.

MultiSystem - For Linux, portable, Multi-Boot, with emulation!

Site is in French, under Méthode No 1, you can see terminal instructions in English. Use them if you want install MultiSystem or scroll down to Méthode No 3 to use the portable version. Portable: gtkdialog version is important! Click on the link after Téléchargement to download the archive. After unpacking run to start the program, English, German and more languages are integrated.

Installation guide with screenshots.

EXTON MultiBootCD - Ready to burn ISO-Image with six OSs (4MLinux, GParted, Porteus, Puppy Linux (Exton Remaster with Ubuntu Xenial Reps for 32/64-bit), Slitaz and Tiny Core).

USB Boot-Sticks and Single-Boot

Universal USB Installer (UUI) - A Windows program which let you create Boot-Sticks with Live systems like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Knoppix and openSUSE for your USB thumb drives, in a very easy and convenient way. Screenshots

Persistence is available (only FAT32) for most Ubuntu based systems!

Rufus - Like UUI and also easy to use. Screenshots

Etcher - Like UUI but for Linux, Mac and Windows. Screenshot

Test ISOs and Boot-Sticks under Windows: MobaLiveCD and USBFastBoot.

You can boot USB flash drives faster and with write permissions thru a Virtual Machine using VMWare Workstation Player as Admin/root (Windows and Linux). How To

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