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Here I provide my language files for several computer programs.

Programs I translated completely from English to German:

Easy2Boot is featured on my separate page about Easy2Boot.

My language file is integrated since Version 1.57.

A German menu.lst for MPI Tool Pack is available since version 0.063.

GSplit is filed under Useful and my translation is available since Version 3.00 but only English and French language files are integrated. Therefore you can download my German language file directly here or from the GSplit Homepage.

Co-operations (English - German):

AnyBurn is filed under Burning.

Overhauled and updated German language file, integrated since version 3.3.

Update for v3.5 is not yet integrated, download it here.

DVD Slim Free is also available on my page Useful.

I overhauled and updated the German language file, translated the Help file (integrated since version and fixed the German text on the DVD Slim Homepage.

UnderCover10 is also featured on my page Useful.

My translation is not yet integrated, but you can already download it.

mpTrim is listed within the category Audio.

I contributed from 2004 until 2007 to the German translation of MpTrim.

Two programs I translated completely from German to English:

onlineTV is available on my page Radio / TV.

improveTCP is featured under System.

My language files are integrated since some years.

Sadly, development of these projects has been discontinued:

Crazy Browser and/or AM Browser and QuickZip.

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