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∗  Office Suites  ∗

LibreOffice (Open Source)

LibreOffice is a complete Office Suite with Programs for text processing (Writer), Spreadsheets (Calc), Presentations (Impress) and data bases (Base). Programs to compute with equations and formulas (Math) and graphic manipulation (Draw) are also integrated. Standard: You can easily export documents to PDF and you can select between different preferences like write protection for your PDF documents. There are also many templates for e.g. basic personal letter, simple FAX and envelopes as well as a lot of useful extensions like more features for the Find & Replace dialog.

Available for Linux, Windows 2000 SP4 - 8 and Mac.

Visit the LibreOffice Hompage.

LibreOffice Portable for Windows: LibreOffice   PortableApps

Get LibreOffice Portable for Linux: PortableLinuxApps

Tip: If you want to send job applications via eMail, don't send your Office documents! Other people might use bigger font sizes and e.g. lower monitor resolutions could be a problem, too. Create and send PDF files cause these files will be presented on every computer without these problems!

OOo4Kids (Open Source)

OpenOffice for Kids aged between 7 and 12 years for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Visit the OOo4Kids Homepage.

Here is an alternative Download page for OOo4Kids.

KOffice (Open Source)

All the Office Applications you need under Unix/Linux with KDE.

Visit the KOffice Homepage.

NeoOffice (Open Source)

NeoOffice (based on OpenOffice.org) is a complete Office Suite for MAC OS X.

Visit the NeoOffice Homepage.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

FreeOffice is a complete Office Suite (Text Processing, Spread Sheet and Presentation) for Linux (glibc 2.2.5 or higher), Windows and Android. You can install the Suite also onto USB flash drives (Windows only, after installation: Start - Programs - SoftMaker FreeOffice - Utilities - Install SoftMaker FreeOffice on a USB stick). MS Office and Open Document formats are supported. Free registration, newsletter!

Screenshots: Linux Mint   Windows 8.1   USB-Installation

Visit the FreeOffice Homepage.

WPS Office

WPS Office is a complete Office Suite (Text Processing, Spread Sheet and Presentation) for Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. It's really fast and you can open multiple documents in tabs! It seems to be highly compatible to MS Office formats but sadly not to Open Document (odf) formats.

Screenshots: Writer   Spreadsheets

Visit the WPS Office Homepage.

More informations and comparisons (free and none-free Office packages): Wikipedia.

∗  Text Processing Applications  ∗

AbiWord (Open Source)

Simple and proffesional word processing! AbiWord works with Linux desktop environments like GNOME, KDE and Xfce. It's also available for Windows (2000 and newer), FreeBSD, Solaris and more Systems. Compatibility: Read and write HTML, XML, XLS (MS Excel) and ODT (OpenOffice). You can save documents as PDF under UNIX/Linux while you need to get a program which will install a virtual printer to produce PDF files under Windows. More than 60 languages are already integrated. If you need AbiWord for to go, get it from PortableApps.

Visit the Homepage of AbiWord.

Jarte (Freeware)

Jarte is a free word processor with a tabbed interface for Windows XP - 8. It's available as executable for a normal installation and within an archive for simple extract and run, also on portable devices. Furthermore it's fully compatible with Microsoft Word and WordPad.

Visit the Jarte Homepage.

Tomahawk PDF+ (Freeware)

Tomahawk PDF+ is similar to WordPad from Microsoft but with a lot of more features like PDF-Export. Compatible with Windows 9x - 7.

Visit the Tomahawk PDF+ Homepage.

∗  Spreadsheet Software  ∗

Gnumeric (Open Source)

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet application which can import formats like HTML, XML, XLS and SXC. All the functions you (maybe) know from M$ Excel are available and you can export your sheets to HTML, XML, XLS, CSV, and PDF. Gnumeric is available for UNIX/Linux with GNOME and Windows, supporting a lot of languages.

Visit the Gnumeric Homepage.

Gnumeric for portable media: PortableApps, view Screenshots!

If you want a free full Office Suite, take the LibreOffice Suite (Top of the page)!

∗  Financial-Accounting Software  ∗

GnuCash (Open Source)

Comprehensive financial-accounting software for small-enterprises and individuals.

For UNIX/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP - 8, BSD and Solaris.

Visit the GnuCash Homepage.

Get GnuCash for portable media from PortableApps.

Metalogic Finance Explorer (Freeware)

Personal finance and budget software.

Compatible with Windows 2000 - 8.

Visit the Metalogic Finance Explorer Homepage.

Get Metalogic Finance Explorer for portable media from PortableApps.

∗  Desktop Publishing  ∗

Scribus (Open Source)

Scribus is Desktop Publishing for UNIX/Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2 and Windows XP - 7.

Visit the Scribus Homepage.

Get Scribus for portable Media.

∗  eMail and Calendar Software  ∗

AM-Notebook - PIM (PIM = Personal Information Manager) including Spreadsheets. Portable

EssentialPIM Free - Calendar, contacts, reminder, eMail and more for Windows, iOS and Android is also available as a portable app for removable media (Windows only) like USB pen-sticks.

Thunderbird - eMail client with support for a lot of add-ons like Lighting which integrates calendar functions. Thunderbird is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and is also available as a portable app for Windows.

Claws Mail - eMail and News with a lot of plug-ins for UNIX/Linux and Windows.

i.Scribe - eMail and organisation for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Evolution - eMail and organisation for UNIX/Linux systems with GNOME/MATE.

Opera Mail - eMail client for Windows also available as portable app.

You can also pin some yellow notes onto your Desktop!

∗  Text and Source Code  ∗

Visit my HTML related page to find more good source code editors!

Geany - My prefered text editor cause it has a tabbed interface and many advanced features. Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac, BSD. You can have it portable (Windows only), too.

SciTE - A very good text editor for Linux and Windows.

TEA - Text editor for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows.

For Windows Operating Systems:

PSPad - My prefered source code editor for to go!

Notepad++ - My prefered text editor with tabs and many advanced features for to go! Get zip, 7z, minimalist package or the PortableApps version if you want Notepad++ for your pen-drives!

Notepad2 - Another good text editor for Windows, no tabs but more features as the default Windows text editor and you can get it also for your flash-drives from PortableApps.

For Linux Operating Systems:

medit - Advanced text and code editor for UNIX and Windows.

Leafpad - Good text editor for GNOME (GTK+).

KWrite - Good text editor for KDE.

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