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Welcome to Frettt's Freeware

There are many Freeware download sites out there and you'll find programs that are also provided on most other sites. However, you may find some tools which you can't get everywhere and I list only software which is really free of charge.

My pages are all available in two languages (unlike most similar pages). I'm using a lot of the programs since a long time and tested (see selfmade screenshots) the others closely. All reviews are written by myself, I don't use the developers descriptions.

There is a lot of Freeware and Open Source Software for Windows, Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, Mac OS X and iOS, Android, FreeBSD and other BSD systems.

Furthermore, I translated some of the progs you can find here.

Lefties: Informations and cursor themes!

Tips on how to get quality music legally and for free!

Above all, you get informations about Operating Systems!

You want to fight against whaling, global warming etc.? Visit my page Ecological, where you'll also get some tips about energy saving in general and computer related.

Please refer to my web pages instead of placing Hotlinks!

Warning! Do NOT pay for downloads! There are some sites where users are forced to subscriptions when clicking on links for downloading programs which are available completely without charge on the developers websites and on many respectable download sites. Some sites ask you to offer personal data or want to force you to pay only for the download.

Again, do NOT pay for FREE software in any way and do NOT offer your personal data on web pages you don't trust and seems to be obscure!

Have a nice day and fun while browsing my website!

Best regards


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